Starting the school year 2018/19, the Afterschool Activities Program will be developed by SPORTBOX with considerable experience in organising extra-curricular activities for children and young adults. The Afterschool Activities Program is dedicated to both Primary and Secondary students and contains a variety of activities organised throughout the school year to cover the different interests of the VIS students. SPORTBOX will act as a central point of contact for the Afterschool Activities and will be responsible for the planning of the activities, registering the students, organising the activities in optimal conditions and students’ invoicing. SPORTBOX is offering non-sport activities (like Cooking, Drama, Dance, etc.) and sport activities (like Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc.) each day for each Primary Grade.





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The After School Activities are an extra-curricular activity. In case of an injury or accident Sportbox will give first aid. For all other actions to be taken and the payment the students family will be responsible.